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Professional Assistance for HR Functions in Austin TX

HR consultants provide specialised services and advices to businesses to help the latter in maximising the efficiency of their HR operations and/or eliminate the deficiencies plaguing their human resources department. HR consultancy provides an objective outside view to the business organisations and help in implementing newer strategies as per their own requirements and global best practices. Enlisting the services of skilled and experienced HR consultants serve to improve HR performance, enhance employee satisfaction and drive business growth.

Grayson HR is a leading HR Business Partner Austin offering applied solutions for HR issues at the both tactical and strategic levels. The specialised services of this company cover a wide spectrum of HR functions such as recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, organisational development and more.

Employee Engagement Support

Engaged workforce is a major requirement to reduce employee turnover rate and increase employee retention. Satisfied employees aligned with the business goals and visions of an organisation are less likely to put in their papers and more likely to be highly productive. Thus, ensuring high levels of employee engagement is an important responsibility for human resources professionals.

Grayson HR devises and implements the best employee engagement strategies to help businesses in keeping their employees motivated and engaged. There are multiple areas of employee engagement which the expert consultants improve or revamp to attain better results for their clients. Some of the areas are as follows

  • Effective communication between the employees and the top management to resolve conflicts, manage changes and promote equality
  • Advanced training opportunities for the employees to help them in professional growth and development
  • Robust grievance redressal mechanisms to foster a sense of satisfaction among the employees
  • Timely and accurate payroll management, transparent and effective performance management and efficient onboarding to contribute to positive employee experience
  • Leadership coaching to enable the team leaders and managers to improve communication and relations with the employees

Organisational Development Support

Business growth requires transformation or at least significant changes in the business operations. With respect to human resources, organisational development requires the employees to make a transition from their current job roles to newer functions and responsibilities in accordance with the changed business objectives.

Grayson HR is a highly suitable HR Business Partner Austin to bring about organizational changes with respect to the human resources. The expert consultants of this company identify the skill gaps within the organisation with respect to the new business goals and develop relevant training programs accordingly. Moreover, the consultants also assist in redesigning the HR structure of the organisation in accordance with the new goals and purposes. Effective communication strategies are also developed to deal with employee resistance and other issues.


Grayson HR offers its set of expert services to both small and mid-sized organisations. It specialises in handling the HR functions of tech startups as well. The company can be contacted on +1 (310) 770-3969.

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Talent Management

We help you hire the right people,and improve team cohesion


Matching both competency and company culture to ensure a good fit for our ciients. 


Help new employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, in order to become effective members of your organization.


Employee retention is a critical issue as companies compete for talent in a tight economy. 


Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs. 


Employee training, development courses, MODULES, etc.


Strategic HR planning, employee service administration, 360 degree feedback


Fostering trust, confidence and good order. 


Internal HR policies that fit the way you run your business.