Fractional Human Resources Dallas

Fractional services for comprehensive human resources needs in Dallas TX

Fractional human rights consultants are not full-time employees of an organisation but fulfil roles and responsibilities of human resources professionals. They work with the leadership or in-house HR team of the company in a supportive capacity to improve one or more human resources functions. This is a beneficial arrangement particularly for small and mid-sized businesses which do not have the resources to establish full-fledged HR departments.

Grayson HR provides services pertaining to Fractional Human Resources Dallas to internal HR teams or board of directors or executive leadership of business enterprises. The expert consultants of this company plan and implement strategies to either support the burgeoning HR needs of growing businesses or execute solutions to improve HR processes. Some of the areas of human resources management covered under the services have been discussed here.

Talent Recruitment

Hiring the right talent in complete accordance with the particular job roles is intricately linked with business growth and productivity. Improper recruitment process not only wastes the resources of an organisation but also results in an unproductive workforce.

Grayson HR helps its client organisation in developing and implementing robust recruitment strategies to get the right talent on board. The consultants create vacancy notifications which clearly communicate the required skill sets for the job roles and job descriptions to the candidates.

Whether it is framing written or interview questions designed to effectively test the candidates in view of the job requirements or carrying out background checks of the candidates, full support is provided to the organisation for recruiting the right candidates. The services reduce the cost-per-hire by ensuring that only the best candidates are selected.


Talent Retention

Retaining talented employees is a major challenge for businesses in the highly competitive corporate landscape. Losing talented employees damages the productivity and morale of an organisation besides increasing the recruitment costs.

Grayson HR’s suite of services under Fractional Human Resources Dallas includes strategic support to retain talented and experienced employees and reducing employee turnover rate. The expert consultants help in designing and implementing a plethora of policies and procedures to increase the job satisfaction of the employees while adhering to the financial goals and other requirements of the organisation.

The methods include flexible work policies to benefit both the employees and the organisation, career development programs for the employees to improve their skills and knowledge, reward and recognition programs to value the contributions of the employees and strategies to foster a positive work culture.


HR policies and procedures

Grayson HR helps in devising internal HR policies and procedures which conform to the particular requirements and goals of the business enterprise. The contract also ensure that the policies and procedures comply with the state and federal regulations governing human resources.


Grayson HR is staffed by expert consultants having vast experience of providing HR services to Fortune 500 companies across industries. The clients can choose between monthly support for a minimum of 3 months, recruitment and onboarding support or a custom package including all the services.

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Talent Management

We help you hire the right people,and improve team cohesion


Matching both competency and company culture to ensure a good fit for our ciients. 


Help new employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, in order to become effective members of your organization.


Employee retention is a critical issue as companies compete for talent in a tight economy. 


Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs. 


Employee training, development courses, MODULES, etc.


Strategic HR planning, employee service administration, 360 degree feedback


Fostering trust, confidence and good order. 


Internal HR policies that fit the way you run your business.